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    I should not spend my time collecting payments from my patients.

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    With FairCare, we have an amazing Patient Portal for all payments.

What We Do?

Patient Payment Portal

  • Clear and simple claim presentation, easy for the patient to understand.

  • More details are revealed only when the patient wants to see them.

  • A powerful dashboard for the patient.

  • Possibility to schedule a PREPAY, amount to be paid prior to next visit.

  • Offer patient credit online, patient can apply at home.

User Friendly Portal

User Friendly Portal

Accessible from a PC or a mobile device.

Clear Explanations

Clear Explanations

Simple color coding so that patients can easily understand the charges.

Consolidate with EOB

Consolidate with EOB

The data from the Explanation of Benefits is incorporated in the patient portal to remove all confusion.

Prepaid Treatment Plan

Prepaid Treatment Plan

Patients can prepay online before coming in for their treatment - by using credit cards, check, bank transfer or even a patient credit.

All Credit Cards
Apple Pay

All Credit Cards
Apple Pay

Accept all credit cards (Visa, MC, Amex), with magnetic stripe or chip, at the same low transaction cost. Fast and convenient with Apple Pay.

Patient Credit

Patient Credit

Offer six month interest free loans from highly reputable companies. Application and instant approval either at the practice or at home, no paper documentation needed. Subject to fee paid by practice.

Installment Plans

Installment Plans

Installment plans available for higher cost treatments such as orthodontics.

Zero Cost
Zero Hassle

Zero Cost
Zero Hassle

The portal will be deployed for all your patients at zero cost to you, and without any software integration - zero hassle.

What they say?


  • "I'm really excited to see the product and be a part of the pilot program. The office will save money, and I will save time dealing with billing. It's key for our dental office not to deal with any financial topics as it can jeopardize the trust a patient could have in his/her doctor. We can focus on what we are doing the best, taking care of people.”

    Leyla - office manager @ SF Smile

  • "I think this product is really good because it seems easy to use and it has a high credit approval rate. The online payment is compelling for pre paid needs in offices like ours as it gives clients the option to pay at home. I would really like to start using the pilot as soon as possible!"

    Audrey - office manager @ Brentwood Family Dental

How do you Benefit?

Cost Savings and Increased Revenues

Save on Billing

  • Free online invoicing
  • Convenient invoice by email
  • Optional text messaging for late invoices
  • Save on labor and postage

Lower credit card fees

  • FairCare will process all your credit card transactions
  • Low 2% transaction on all cards including Amex
  • Direct bank transfer supported
  • One-time purchase of card terminal for front desk

Added revenue with Patient Credit

  • Six month interest free loan
  • Simple and fast application and approval
  • No paper documentation needed
  • Apply for credit at the practice or at home
  • Subject to a 10% loan fee paid by the practice

Who We Are?

About FairCare

We are a Silicon Valley startup passionate about bringing financial efficiency to healthcare.

- Eric Duprat

Our team members are hard at work from the San Francisco Bay Area and from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Financial Tech 43%

Web Development 48%

Dentist Sales 38%

Healthcare 57%

Eric Duprat


Julien Nguyen


Suraj S Menon

VP Engineering

Sophie Hussenet

Outreach Manager

Minh Nguyen

Project Manager

Chau Nguyen

Senior Java Developer

Quy Nguyen

Data Science Engineer

Tuan Luu

Senior Java Developer

Tuan Phan

Quality Assurance

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